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References to neberu (nebaru, niperu) s.

1. ferry, ford, crossing, 1. ferry, ford, crossing - a) in gen.:
[n]e-bi-ra-am Sa GN ibirunimma they crossed the ford at GN ARM 3 57:14;
awil ESnunna ina ni-bi-ir GN [wagib] ARM 2 25:9, cf. ina GN ina ne-be-er [GN]2 in GN at the crossing-place of GN2 Bagh. Mitt. 2 57 iii 3 (OB let.);
ul ibsi GilgameS ni-bi-ru matima there has never been a ferry, Gilgames Gilg. X ii 21;
ina ni-bir kri magul utebbi running the large boats aground at the crossing-place to the dock (they had to portage) OIP 2 105 r. 73, 118:11 (Senn.);
LV A-ra-mu nakirma bib ni-bi-ri Sa GN isbat the Arameans were inimical and took up a position at the entrance to the ford in GN King Chron. 2 81 iii 7;
ana emuqisu ittikilma ina GN ni-pi-ri lu isbat he trusted in his own forces and took up a position at the ford in GN AKA 357 iii 39 (Asn.);
(the king's troops) elenuiAunu ni-bi-ru issabtu adi muhhi ni-bi-ru uqattu ibiruni arkani ana muhhiunu ittebu took the crossing-place upstream from them (the enemy), as soon as they had finished crossing, they attacked them ABL 520:21f. (NB);
(the troops of Elam) ina iD Abani ni-bi-ru 'r-hadu- u have cut off the ford at the river Abani ABL 781 r. 5 (NB);
ne-bu-ru lepuSu (for context see karaku mng. 1) ABL 100:7 (NA);
miksi kdri ni-bi-ri da mctija uzakikSuniti I exempted them from the tolls of harbor and ferry in my land Borger Esarh. 3 iii 10, cf. ina miksi kdri ni-bi-ri zakl Postgate Royal Grants No. 10:36, cf. also ibid. 13:48 (NA);
ka[ru aj ih]dika ni-bi-ru lizirka let the quay not welcome you, the crossing-place reject you Gilg. XI 235;
akla ni-bi-ru aktali kdru I have blocked the ferry, I have indeed blocked the harbor Maqlu I 50;
eper kdri eper ni-bi-ri dust from a harbor, dust from a ferry (for magical purposes) KAR 144 r. 10 (namburbi), cf. Kocher BAM 477:8, cf. also eper kdri eper ni-bi[r] STT 281 iv 3, also RA 54 175:9;
field Sa ina muhhi ni-bi-ri which is situated at the ford VAS 5 26: 1, also Sa (ina) ni-bi-ri VAS 3 179:3, TuM 2-3 194:2;
uncert.: itti arri adi nmuhhi ID ni-bir-sl nittalak u nithis we went with the king to the river ford and returned BIN 1 29:10;
3 (BAN) 9a ne-bi-ri AfO 2 58 r. 3 (all NB);
obscure: PN ana nebi- ri-im ana PN2 ul iraggam PN2 ekallam itanappal PN will not start a lawsuit against PN2 concerning the n., PN2 will satisfy (the claims of) the palace CT 8 34c:3 (OB).
b) in geogr. names: for Ne-bi-ru-umki, Ne-bi-ir-dgul-gik see Rep. g4ogr. 2 139 (OAkk.);
ki.bal.mas.da k[i] = [n]e-ber sa-bi-i(for -ti) Hh. XXI Section 4:33;
URU ni-bi-ri ds LV As- Surki Ford-of-the-Assyrians TuM 2-3 22:18 (NB).
c) in transferred mng.: lu a ina pi PN bdb ni-bi4 -ri-Su isme'u whether he had heard it from PN at the point of his death (lit. crossing-place) RA 60 129:25 (OA).
2. ferryboat, ferrying, 2. ferryboat, ferrying - a) ferryboat: mdmit elippi nari kari GIA.MA.DIRI.GA the "oath" of boat, river, quay, and ferry gurpu VIII 53, also, wr. ni-bi-ri ibid. III 48;
salil GIo.MA.DIRI.GA salil kdru mare malahi kalisus nu sallu asleep is the ferry, asleep is the quay, all the sailors are asleep Maqlu VII 8;
epidti adbat ina ni-bi-r[i] she who bewitches me is sitting in the ferry (parallel: kdri) Maqlu VIII 35;
ina muhhi [ni]-bi-ru us Sa Eanna la taSelld ina muhhi GIS.MA.ME§ la taSelld do not be negligent about the ferry .... of Eanna, do not be negligent about the boats BIN 1 45:11 (NB);
ana iddih ni-bir kEri Ja Bitpurat alakta for the traffic of the harbor ferry which is busy with comings and goings AfO 19 65 iii 9 (prayer to Marduk), also STT 70:1;
ni-bir kdri lisdmma let the harbor ferry go out Cagni Erra IV 47;
ina nibi- ri GN (in broken context, parallel saparru) Lambert Love Lyrics 120 col. B 13;
GIS.MA nibi- ir x x x x (rented for one year) Qig-Kizilyay-Kraus Nippur 121: 1, cf. ibid. r. 1 (OB).
b) (with epeSu) ferrying: elippu sa bel pdhete Sa GN lu tallik ina GN, ne-bu-ru lu tuppi let a boat go from the governor of Arrapha, and serve as ferry in Bab-bitqi ABL 89 r. 5, also ibid. 13, obv. 13 (NA).
3. (one of the names of the planet Jupiter);
from OA, OB on;
ni-pi-ri AKA 357 iii 39;
wr. syll. and GIS.M.DIRI.GA;
cf. ebiru A. ad-di-ir A.PA.BI+IZ.PAD.DIR = ni-bi-rum Diri III 163, cf. A.PA.BI+IZ.PAD.DIR - ni-bi-ru-um Proto-Diri 213;
[x]-da-ri-ga A.PA.BI.SI.A.GA = ni-be-ru Diri RS II A 25';
A.PA.BI+IZ.PAD.DIR = ni-bi-[ru] BM 67418:5' (Kagal);
di-ri DIR [n]i-bi-ru Diri I 46; = ni-bi-rum Nabnitu M 174;
giL.mA.addir = e-lep ni-bi-ri Hh. IV 353; = ni-bi-ru ibid. 348;
ni-bi-rum (between ni-el-bi-du and nam-ma-r-rum, other col. broken) KUB 3 109:5. mul.5 Marduk - ni-bi-ru Hh. XXII Section 11:6;
mul.dMarduk - ne-bi-ru 6 - [...] Hg. B VI 25, in MSL 11 40. dIES 9a ana ramaniSu ibbanu : dNf.Bi 7.Rftra 4d-a // RA = i-na // BI, = -- e-mu // R == ba-nu-u J/ Nf - ra-ma-nu // dNi-bi-ru = dNi-bi,-ru AfO 19 118 F Comm. 6 (corrections courtesy W. G. Lambert);
ni-bi-ru - ni-bi-ru STC 2 pl. 53 ii 24 (comm. to En. el. VII 129), see mng. 3c. 3. (one of the names of the planet Jupiter) - a) in lists: kakkabu sdmu a ina zi IM. Ux(GI GAL).LU arki DINGIR.MES m uiti ugdammirunimma same BAR-ma izziz MUL BI dNibi- ru Marduk the red star which, .... -ing the sky, stands in the direction of the south, after the stars (lit. the gods of the night) have finished (their course), this star is N., Marduk KAV 218 B ii 32 (Astrolabe B);
MUL Marduk Ni-bi-ri - N., the star of Marduk CT 33 2 i 37;
MUL Ni-bi-rum (in list of the "stars of Akkad") CT 26 41 v 1, 44 ii 12;
dNi-bi-ru Marduk remend - N., the merciful Marduk CT 25 35:7, 36:6;
[dNi-b]i-ri Marduk Sa ina ram[nisu ibband] K.6220:6 (astrol. comm.);
see also AfO 19, in lex. section.
b) in omens: UL A A .[...] : MUL Ni-bi-[ru] ina a-se-[u ... ] K.2286: 3f. (bil. astrol. omen);
gumma MUL Ne-bi-ri [...] LBAT 1556 ii 11;
dNi-ri dSAG.ME.GAR dNi-biri dSAG.ME.GAR the Yoke star is Jupiter, the N. star is Jupiter K.148:21, comm. on Dilbat ... ina pan dNi-ri KI.MIN ina pan dNi-bi-ri izziz K.8688:6f.
c) in lit.: Sa qerbiS tidmat itebbiru la ndhiS SumSu lu dNi-bi-ru dhizu qerbiSu he who crosses over the midst of the ocean without tiring, let his name be N. who "holds" its (the ocean's) midst En. el. VII 129;
[MUL] Ni-bi-[ru] AnBi 12 282:12, cf. MUL Ne-bi-ru OECT 6 pl. 12:14 (prayers to the gods of the night). Ad mng. 3: Schott, ZA 43 124ff.;
Gossmann, SL 4/2 No. 311.
MUL.APIN 1.2 (lines 24 - 39)
mulKA.MUS.I.KU.E [Pasittu]
The Deleter
The dDeleter [= The dDestructor?]
β Andromedae
[Line 37 which is a prelude to the listing of Jupiter] One big star - (although) its light is dim - divides the sky in half and stands there: (that is) the star of dMarduk, the Ford [Line 38 which then lists Jupiter] Jupiter, (it) keeps changing its position and crosses the sky

34/35. The bright red star at the kidney of the stag,
the Destroyer (KA.MUSH.I.KU.E)
AK: This is Algol in Perseus = I.KU.E (earlier red-colored)
36/37. "When the stars of Enlil are finished, a large star of matted light divides the heavens there: the star of d.AMAR.UD (d.Marduk), of the pass-over. Lines 36/37 were added to later MUL.APIN copies, and are not found on the original tablet .
- so Werner Papke - AK: This is the red star Hamal = AMAR in Aries.
38. Jupiter (SAG.ME.GAR) changes its position continuously, crossing the heavens

Immanuel Freedman, Ph.D. SMIEEE, Member, International Association for Assyriology, has analyzed the extant cuneiform evidence in the peer-reviewed publication"

The Marduk Star Nebiru(CDLI Bulletin 2015:3). He concludes that "cuneiform evidence supports the hypthesis that the name Nēbiru may be assigned to any visible astronomical object that marks an equinox. It is clear to me that Zechariah Sitchin was confused by earlier translations." (This comment about Sitchin is strange because this refutes Michael Heiser statement that "cuneiform tablets do not have Nibiru as a 12th planet beyond Pluto.")